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Corsages & Boutonnieres - by Ladybug's Flowers & Gifts Inc


You've picked out the perfect dress, now it’s time to order your flower accessories! Ladybug's Flowers & Gifts Inc has the best selection of flowers to wear for your prom, wedding, or special occasion. Call and let us help you personalize the perfect corsage & coordinating boutonniere!

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Tropics [TMF-411]
The One [TMF-410]
Phoenix [TMF-405]

Rolled Gypsophila Boutonniere [TF169-8]
Purple Dendrobium Boutonniere [TF169-4B]
Pink Alstroemeria Boutonniere [TF169-5B]

White Rose and Ivy Boutonniere [TF169-9B]
Miniature White Carnation Boutonniere [TF169-10B]
White Rose and Baby's Breath Boutonniere [TF169-11B]

White Spray Rose Boutonniere [TF169-14B]
Carnation and Berries Boutonniere [TF174-2B]
Purple Dendrobium Boutonniere [TF169-4]

Savory [TMF-408]
Talon [TMF-409]
Caesar [TMF-401]

Pocket Mate [TMF-406]
Valor [TMF-413]
Knight [TMF-404]

Calla Heart [TMF-400]
Roman Times [TMF-407]
Courage [TMF-403]

Charisma [TMF-402]
3 White Mini Roses Wristlet [TF161-3B]
5 White Mini Roses Wristlet [TF161-4B]

White Rose and Orchid Corsage [TF174-3]
White Dendrobium Corsage [TF174-5]
Star Studded Corsage [TPR08-2A]

Beloved Blooms Corsage [T200-3A]
Dreamy Pink Wristlet [T196-4A]
Beautiful Blush Corsage [T196-3A]

Purple Promise Wristlet [T201-5A]
Sunset Beauty Wristlet [T201-2A]
Graceful Orchids Corsage [T196-6A]

White Gloves Boutonniere [T203-3A]
Crystal Pink [TMF-417]
7 White Mini Roses Wristlet [TF161-5B]

Red-Hot Roses Wristlet [TF161-7B]
Glimmer [TMF-418]
Chiffon [TMF-415]

Kara [TMF-422]
Cleo [TMF-416]
Mixed Whites Wristlet [TF162-2B]

White Whisper Wristlet [T200-4A]
All Buttoned Up Corsage [TPR14-2A]
Celebrity Style Corsage [TPR07-2A]

Shimmering Pearls Corsage [TPR15-2A]
Roses And Ribbons Corsage [TPR16-2A]
Vintage [TMF-425]

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